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Designed to increase your sales by 30%

More than just a digital menu

Our Objective

NamasteG has one primary objective - that is to upsell your food by presenting it in the best way possible. It's simplistic easy to use interface creates a fluid experience that keeps your guests engaged and ordering more!

Simple, yet powerful features

5 Minutes Setup

POS & Digital Menu
is dynamic and easy to setup

  • Promote interaction and engagement to your customers with a comfortable menu interface.
  • Edit, add and remove items in your menu in real time at your fingertips.
Digital Menu

Showcase your
food with beautiful
photos and videos

This guarantees an increase in your sales because your guests are mesmerized by your food and will definitely get tempted to order more!


Direct QR & tablet
ordering and takeaways

Our platform creates unique QR codes by table number, room number for hotels, or by sunbed number for poolside/beachside venues. So when the guest scans the QR code, the system already knows where the order is coming from.

Your Brand

Branding Customization

Being hoteliers we understand the importance of showcasing your brand. Hence all our channels - Tablet Menu, QR Menu, Online Ordering Menu - the guest is first taken to a landing page that represents your brand. 

With our platform, your landing page can be so much more than just a plain menu. You can add info page, guest feedback, call for service button, and option to change languages!

Multiple Languages

Your digital menu can have 140+ different languages on both Tablet Menu and QR Menu. 

My Menu's backend user panel is also available in over 30+ different languages. Let us know if you would like us to add any missing languages!

Up Sell

Run marketing
campaigns & promotions!

Allows you to run marketing campaigns showcasing pop-up images and videos at a certain time or when an item is selected, giving you the perfect opportunity to either upsell a certain item or promote an upcoming/ongoing event. 

Benefits of QR Menu

  • No need for printed menus.

  • QR Menu that showcases food images and videos to upsell your food.

  • Increased efficiency as the order and re-orders are  placed without the staff approaching the guest.

  • Simple and easy interface similar to most popular delivery apps making it easy for the guest to use.

  • No download of any app required. When the guest scans the QR Code a link pops up on the browser

  • The guest is able to place their order and pay directly through the digital menu.


Built for all types of food business

The all-in-one Restaurant Management System for all types of restaurant formats and food outlets


Fine dine


Cloud kitchens


Bar & brewery


Juice Counter




Large chains

People who already love us


Ananth Singh

High quality of the theme. The design is beautiful. The customer support is absolutely great, they have always been willing to help.

Ruchi Kulkarni

Amazing support! Totally all over my issues and we were changing it completely from being a place directory! Loving the theme!

Carla Wildner

I have buyed and tested more then 10 themes, and Sala its perfect for me, i think its the perfect theme !! Two thumbs up! u270cufe0f

Dimitri Kaviani

Awesome theme! Looks great. Works great. Highly customizable. Excellent support. What more can I say?Couldn't be happier 🙂

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